We believe in open protocols and decentralized applications and, therefore, prior to the hackathon built Bloqboard, a platform that facilitates borrowing and lending of tokens built on the Dharma, a p2p lending protocol. For this hackathon, we decided to go one step further and created a decentralized p2p network that facilitates trading and lending on 0x-based protocols without intermediaries like relayers.

What is it?

P2P Open Liquidity Network for 0x-based protocols provides a decentralized channel to share orders and trade or lend tokens between network peers.

How we built it

We built it as a decentralized web application using IPFS pubsub for p2p communication and web3.js for orders validation.

Challenges we ran into and what we learned

A browser version libp2p pubsub is not so mature, so we decided to use a more mature IPFS pubsub library.

What's next for Bloqboard PoliNet

We will continue developing POLINET to integrate it with the token lending and trading protocols.

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