Idea was to build freelance sytem. That fix these first three problems in current freelance systems

1. Unreliable Clients
2. Unreliable performers 
3. Late Payment

So to solve the problem with Late Payment, obviously smart contracts are good.

For the first two - I need a smartID with reputation score. I took BloomID for it then I start to feel that it’s going to be something even smarter. That I can provide whole ecosystems for a start up. And now you can organize all development at Bloomlance. From Idea to ready project. So feature like Idea patents on the blockchain come up by itself. And made a perfect sense as in a blockchain everything located in series so, you can not put data before a current block, only after. It's a blockstamp. After we build this and reputation rating system -> The project bloomed with only grater and grater idea. And the masterpiece was business loans inside our the system. So basically any good freelancer can raised money for their own start up. It's easy to decide weather or not you trust Freelancer, based on their previous works and you can judge can they affort the lend/loan or not. -> And freelance turnied to "Bloomlance."

BloomLance -> A new type of Freelance Marketplace.

So Bloom was a perfect match for this case, my case. And I think my platform is also perfect match for Bloom, because It provides very good data mining on incomes and how client is responsible.

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