Science has proven that having a plant in the home can help you in a variety of ways. Increased oxygen levels and living decorations can improve your mood and help you live a better life, but it can be difficult to maintain a plant through with our hectic schedules. Blooming is a way for everyone to grow a plant with reduced physical requirements. With our help, you won't even need to be in the room to check on everything you could want to know about the state of your plant, and take action remotely to water your plant or switch the light on or off based on this information.

What it does

Blooming garden is an automated miniature home garden that enables anyone to grow a few plants and maintain various data on their physical and historical attributes, such as height, temperature, moisture levels in the air and soil, and light levels. Blooming provides an interface to check in on your plants online and view other plants currently being grown. Our Grow Cloud™ server processes your plant information with state of the art machine learning to calculate the best lighting and watering schedules, or you can control them on your own by signing in to the web interface or using our Amazon Alexa skill.

How we built it

The water pumps, lights, and cameras are controlled by a Raspberry Pi hooked up to an arduino for sensor data. The Pi maintains and updates current state through our Grow Cloud™, which also connects to the web interface and Alexa skill and provides control over and information about your garden.

Challenges we ran into and Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coordinating so many different pieces into a functioning chain of action. Getting messages back and forth between the pi and alexa required a level of indirection we did not initially anticipate. Getting multiple constantly polling updates from the pi required multithreading, which none of us had prior experience doing. Ultimately we're very proud of bringing together so many pieces of our hardware and software experience into one project.

What's next for Blooming Garden

With better access to tools we could create more compact single, double, and triple plant wooden frames with support for additional sensors measurements, such as co2 concentration in the air and PH levels of liquids. We'd also like to take the time to flesh out the social aspect of the interface.

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