Human tends to understand, perceive, and retain knowledge better when the information is represented in visual form.

What it does

Visualizing and presenting the world's economics trends based on various parameters to analyze, perceive and understand in easy way.

How we built it

Using Bloomberg data service hosted on Amazon DynamoDB, we created REST API to interact with from user search query. The given search results are all in the form of visualizations built in Highcharts and D3.js. The front-end is written in Angular.js to bind the visualized data easily and dynamically, back-end is Flask app framework written in Python.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time to find good idea for this hackathon. Interacting with DynamoDB is pretty challenging since our team is not familiar. We found difficulties in reading the documentation as well, but luckily we made it! After struggling with pulling data pretty slowly from DynamoDB (>10 seconds for big query), we optimized the process and improved the searching time to less than 1 sec.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our very first hackathon! Lots of fun and code! We learned lots of lots of things and slept less than 4 hours to build our cool stuff in 30 hours. We are able to successfully complete our project in this short time.

What we learned

Our team learned lots of new tech. Our team used DynamoDB, Flask and Highcharts for the first time. We had too many features to build, but due to limited time (< 36 hours + sleep) we short listed down to the core features. Learning points: start small, iterate more.

What's next for Bloomgraphs

Collections of other world's knowledge and statistics, other than economics. Also predict the future (e.g. the next financial crisis) with various machine learning techniques.

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