Bloom Count Calculator for Cranberry Uprights

Cranberry growers use bloom count percentages to measure the development of their bogs throughout the growing season. It is especially important to know when a bog is at 50% out of bloom because cranberry growers are recommended to spray pesticides for cranberry pests 7-9 days after 50% OOB.

Most growers use a paper and pencil to transcribe counts for each upright and later calculate the percentages when they get back to their home or office.

The cranberry growers in MA are advised to measure 10 uprights at 4 different locations on each bog. The number of bogs vary grower to grower, and many growers have several piece that require data collection.

The intent of this app is to make this data collection easier for cranberry growers and researchers.

% Out-of-bloom = Total # of pinheads & berries x 100%

% In-bloom = Total # flowers x 100%

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