Up to 49% of high school students deal with school-related stress all across America.

What it does

Ask about how severe their mental breakdowns are and provide apt treatment based on the responses.

How I built it

MIT App Inventor

Challenges I ran into

At first, I tried to make the app like a questionnaire, and based on the answers it would determine the treatment. It was too hard in terms of coding. We overcame this by deciding to go with the slider which just rated the user’s stress level from 1-10 and would provide different treatment depending on the level of stress

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To solve the login problem we used tinyDB and instead of buttons, used spinner instead so it would implement usernames as spinner optname that is entered

What I learned

While the process of making the app was full of frustrations and difficulties, the end-product was more than worth it. We became much more skilled in coding than we were before

What's next for Bloom Zen

Possibly upload the app to Google Play.

Built With

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