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We all strive to improve ourselves, but it can be difficult to stick to something everyday.

Although many self help experts claim that a new habit can be formed in just 20-30 days, a recent study at University College London has found that it actually takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit, depending on the nature of the habit. This application tracks the daily progress of the user trying to form a new habit (or perhaps break a bad habit) using a garden/plant interface. The user is able to make progress in this game by watering the plant once a day to show that they reached their goal for that day.

Bloom aims to provide a way to track your progress and at the same time, make progress in a game. Neurologist Judy Willis argues that “[games] reward player effort...with acknowledgement of incremental goal progress, not just final product.” All we have to motivate ourselves is the idea of a better self in the future or some final reward that you will receive, such as better health. A game makes it easier to stick to because of the “incremental goal progress” and breaking a large goal into smaller, more achievable goals increases feelings of reward and motivation. Furthermore, being able to track your own progress also helps you stick to the routine; you are able to see how far you have come and how much more you need to go. The success of the Weight Watchers program, in which users track their weight loss progress and points, is a clear example of the benefits of tracking progress.

What is bloom?

Bloom is an app designed to make it easier to grow habits.

Grow a little plant every day that you complete your goal.

Unlock achievements, customizations, and new plants.

Track your progress and encourage your friends.

There are a lot of applications for bloom, because there are so many different habits to grow or bad habits to break. Quitting smoking, losing weight, reading everyday, making the bed, eating vegetables...etc. It can also be used as a parenting tool to help parents keep their kids organized and motivated, as well as allowing the parent to track their child's progress.


Not only does growing the plant each day act as a reward on its own, there are also more unlockables and achievements built into the game. You can unlock more customizations, new plants, different backgrounds, and etc.

How we built it

We built this web application on Python and Django for the back end, with HTML/CSS/Javascript for the front end, and PostgreSQL for the database. We used Amazon Web Services to host our web application.

What's next for bloom

More customizability for the plants will increase attachment to the game and thus, increase motivation to stick to your goals!

Incorporating more social aspects will also increase attachment and allow others to encourage you! Compete with your friends to grow the coolest and tallest plant!

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