After witnessing the problems that have been hurting the world for the past few months, we felt helpless. As job security has decreased, unemployment has increased, and people feel more and more lost, financial stability and planning dramatically drop. We know banks and other financial institutions have the means to guide people to manage their money better, but many times don't have the resources to create the immense outreach necessary. After acknowledging this problem and wanting to help both businesses and consumers alike, we built Bloom.

What it does

Bloom is an all in one, personalized financial assistant that advises people on how to manage their finances. We look at spending history as well as the current state of the economy to help you invest in your interests. And we know how boring reading big blobs of text can be. So we also send users all the information they could need in descriptive graphs through both text and an easy-to-access dashboard.

How we built it

Our chatbot is powered with Dialogflow and communicates with users over text using Twilio. We store and retrieve user info using secure NCR protocols and get verbose financial data using Blackrock APIs. These all go through a Python middle layer that parses data and sends them out in an organized fashion. Our beautiful dashboard is written with React.js.

Challenges I ran into

Since our project had so many moving parts, one of the biggest challenges was figuring out how each individual service could complete its task efficiently and join in with the larger app. We had to work with a lot of new technologies such as the NCR and Blackrock APIs as well as Dialogflow.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have made a flexible chatbot that can determine what a user wants from plain English. And we hope our users will be excited to see the amazing graphics we have customized for each of them.

What's next for Bloom

We hope to expand Bloom on other platforms besides just SMS. We also want to create a sturdy login system so each user can have access to their dashboard privately.

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