As a college student, I have neither the time nor the will to work out at the gym. In order to keep myself health, I play 30 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution per day. It's fun enough to be engaging, convenient enough to stay time efficient, and rigorous enough to shed pounds. Whilst experimenting with the hardware loaned to us, I realized instantly that the Leap Motion's hand gestures could be an interesting new take on an old classic.

What it does

Bloom Rhythm aims to be the upper-body counterpart of DDR. Combining all the fun of phone-based rhythm games and the fast-paced and physically challenging rhythm boxing, bloom rhythm is the perfect solution for a workout on the go. With the compact Leap Motion, all you need is a table and an isolated room to get demanding exercise routines; anywhere, anytime!

How I built it

Creating a game for the first time AND composing my own music/beatmap be far and beyond what is accomplishable in the small time frame given to us. Because of this, I parsed the data from Stepmania beatmaps (a PC software similar to DDR) and incorporated it into my own beatmaps.

Challenges I ran into

Data parsing in an unknown language turned out to be a huge challenge, and the sheer volume of knowledge that I had to acquire was overwhelming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning Unity and C# and making a game that I would actually play, having never done anything of the sort, is emotionally and intellectually rewarding.

What I learned

Time management is important, everyone is a resource, and -even with all of the stress- hackathons turn out to be really fun!

What's next for Bloom Rhythm

I actually plan to get a Leap Motion for myself and to further develop Bloom Rhythm; with the Leap Motion's new improvements to hand tracking, it's only a matter of time before it explodes alongside the popularity of VR headsets.

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