Conferring to UNESCO, 64 per cent of primary and 50 per cent of secondary school teachers have attained minimum required training in Africa. To address these teacher gaps, often countries resort to hiring teachers on non-permanent contractual agreements that pose a problem of qualitative nature. ‘Contract teachers’ are hired on an emergency basis and are not required to meet the same training as a permanent teacher.

Most schools lack qualified teachers, facilities, and infrastructure (resources) especially Government schools which are not equipped caused by inadequate funding. Lack of proper facilities like textbooks and learning resources and poverty in most of the countries makes it hard to employ qualified teachers, creating a high teacher per pupil ratio.

Bloom-Learn's mission is to connect students and teachers in order to provide quality education in Africa. The platform's mission is to digitise education, ensuring that everyone has access to learning opportunities. Furthermore, the platform allows one to donate space and computers to students, allowing the less fortunate to benefit from digital learning. It offers the following features: web app access by both students and teachers, and donation management with Power Apps.

What it does

Bloom Learn is a product that aims to link students and teachers across Africa. The platform allows teachers to upload classes, create one-on-one sessions with students, and communicate with students on each course via a chat forum. Students may use booking sessions and chat forums to access resources and connect with teachers. As a result, the platform includes a donation function in which donors can donate space or materials, and we can monitor and match donations to recipients using the power platform.

How we built it

Azure App Service – hosts the backend of the system which was built with Django.

Power Platform and Microsoft 365 – Power apps to be used by the administrator to monitor donations made in terms of leasing devices and renting out spaces. Power Automate automates the donation process' workflow from and matches the donation. Office Forms – the forms used in filling up the donations. - donors form ( )

Azure Storage and MongoDB – storage of static files used in the application and database for all our application data.

Challenges we ran into

We had to migrate our database mid-project from Azure Cosmos DB to Mongo DB. We also had an issue with our Git & Github workflow therefore we had to re-do the whole process in the second week.

What we learned

New Technologies such as Power Platform and Django Working in a team using Github and using Azure DevOps to manage our tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Automating the donations platform and visualizing the donations received and requests.

What's next for Bloom Learn

We aim towards integrating a payment system to facilitate acquiring of the students’ subscription plans. Research will be conducted further to accommodate our customers wholly. We will allow text-to-speech output for physically challenged individuals. With consultation from advisors as well as experts, Bloom-Learn will have learning programmes for students with learning disorders such as dyslexia.

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