On a day to day basis, we experience distractions and end up doing counterproductive activities. Moreover, during this pandemic many students lack the motivation and self discipline to get on track with their tasks. Our team went on a mission to create a website that would allow users to be more productive.

What it does

Bloom keeps track of what the user needs to do. Users can add their tasks and check them off as they go. As they finish more tasks, the flower will slowly bloom. On the homepage there are some helpful tips. In the end, Bloom is a productivity webpage that hopes to encourage students to finish their tasks in a timely manner.

How I built it

Bloom is made in HTML and stylized in CSS. The functions of adding tasks,checking them off, and seeing plant growth are done in javascript and our sign in page is made using bootstrap. First we created each page in HTML and copied the skeleton with our navigation bar to each to ensure that each page was consistent. Then each team member worked separately on adding the Add Task button, creating the sign in page, creating the art and video, and stylizing every page for our full project to come together.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we encountered revolved around the javascript aspects as this is most of the team members' first time working with the language. We struggled to find a way to change our picture of the plant growing and even the mentors we asked had a tough time figuring out the problem. We also ran into an issue with time as we didn't have enough time to fully implement a timer for each task and ultimately left it out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite being the first hackathon for most of us, we are very proud that we were able to come up with a great idea, work collaboratively in our team, and together, we were able to make Bloom possible. We are glad to have overcome the bugs and overriding parts we were able to fix within our timeframe. Overall, we are proud to have tried our best this time to make an essentially functioning webpage.

What I learned

Although we faced many challenges along the way, we learned a lot about debugging in different languages, specifically working with JavaScript. We also learnt how useful and helpful it was for us to plan and organize everything ahead of time, so that we were able to put it together.

What's next for Bloom

The future for Bloom is exciting! We hope that we can further develop Bloom’s user experience by allowing them to grow a garden instead of just a flower. We will also implement a timer and polish the code so that the transition of the flowers blooming is smooth. Bloom would also have a calendar to note down future tasks as a reminder.

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