Healthcare is expensive and inefficient, doctors lack communication with each other and often times many diseases are not diagnosed at an appropriate time.

What it does

It combines several sensors to quickly provide basic information about the patient and compares the measurements with hundreds of pieces of data from healthcare databases in order to predict, diagnose and warn about potential health issues. Moreover, it organized each patient data in a tabular display which allows medical professionals to find relevant data on demand

How we built it

A mySQL database was set-up and populated with data from several healthcare databases to compare the measurements that the arduino sensors provide with a php server. A node.js server is used to parse the data from the arduino and post it to the php server. An android app runs the front end of the app in which data for an specific patient is displayed. Additionally, this page is available in web format and can be displayed by any device that can access the internet.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the data from the sensors in the back-end was challenging because of the parsing it needed.Moreover, creating database schemas for the data was challenging. In the hardware side, the lack of parts presented a major challenge that was extremely hard to overcome and limited the overall precision of the system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All team member learned useful skills and tools in short amounts of time and with great results, moreover, the team worked non-stop for the whole hackaton time. In the hardware, a heartbeat sensor was built from different parts after extensive research.

What we learned

Several useful skills and tools how to efficiently and effectively allocate time and effort

What's next for Bloom fetter

Make the diagnosis more accurate by having an intelligent system which is aware of a large number of circumstances that may affect human health, also improving and adding sensors to the hardware side, and putting it all in a case

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