About Blõm

Blõm is an AR app that transports you into an otherworldly meditation with as little structure and guidance as possible. Life can get extremely stressful especially in the very structured world we live in. In Blõm, you can simply come as you are. Breathe at whatever pace you feel comfortable with, alongside the enchanting visuals and originally composed peaceful tunes. We want to make meditation as simple and as little pressure as possible. With Blõm, you can simply exist (by yourself or collectively) and let go of the worries of the world, including everything people tell you - from what you should be, to what you should do.

How we built it

We used Lens Studio to build the experience and Spectacles to deploy and test. Models and animations were modelled, rigged, and animated in Blender. Original music was composed with GarageBand.

Challenges we ran into

We were all using Lens Studio for the first time and we all took on tasks that we didn't know how to do prior to the hackathon (new software and hardware). None of us specialized in animation but we knew it would be important to our experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have original music (composed by Vivian), original models created entirely during the hack (Devika and Zach), proximity triggers (Veronica), and well thought out workflows (Samira).

What's next for Blõm

We want there to be something different every time. Most meditation apps you know what to expect and it's the same so it becomes boring over time, but we want to create different worlds with different plants and animal guides when you look around you. We also had plans for different modes of meditation--we currently have the ability to walk over to the guide to meditate; we want to also include voice recognition to trigger the meditation, or having the ability to have a guided walk meditation as well.

Shot for the moon

We were trying to make connected lenses work as well but due to lack of time we were unable to deploy a stable version where different users could join the space and see each other in the meditation space and breathe together. We also wanted to trigger different animations according to multiplayer activity.

Built With

  • blender
  • figma
  • garageband
  • lensstudio
  • spectacles
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