We were inspired by the current hottest dating app Hinge, which focuses on a unique aspect of online dating, the end goal of deleting the app once you have entered a committed relationship. We took a spin on this concept under the prompt of actively encouraging ourselves and others to contribute positively to the environment and decided to create a dating app that seamlessly integrates sustainable living practices into our romantic lives.

What it does

Bloom is a mobile dating app for environmentally conscious individuals to connect and support renewable lifestyles. It articles 3 key features:

  • Environmentally focused text and photo prompts
  • Sustainabledate ideas sponsored by local organizations
  • Blossom trees that translate into real trees planted

How we built it

We began by mapping out a low-fidelity wireframe on pen and paper, then created a skeleton of the app using HTML and CSS. Following this skeleton, we created a high-fidelity prototype on Figma.

Built With

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