Cryptocurrency is becoming very common in our culture and not many people are educated on what it is. BloogeCoin is a coin that children and beginners of cryptocurrency can earn by learning about these emerging technologies and completing chores.

What it does

BloogeCoin teaches children about cryptocurrency technologies by completing chores and understanding the crypto markets and other technologies. For example, a parent can set up an account and assign chores to do around the house and their child can earn BloogeCoin after their tasks are completed.

How we built it

Using the DeSo Blockchain, we created BloogeCoin and minted coins that can be earned. We developed an iOS app using Swift to assign tasks, check progress and account amount, and learn about cryptocurrencies and minting NFTs. The app's information is on google cloud and the services that help keep the application are also on Google Cloud. We use the Coinbase API to gather live information about cryptocurrencies on the crypto page.

Challenges we ran into

We had a difficult time with the technical aspects of creating our own cryptocurrency. It was quite tough linking our program and project over our school's strict networks to join the blockchain. Minting NFTs were difficult to do as well. We wanted a free and mainstream way to host our NFTs on the blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created our first cryptocurrency and learned a lot about emerging technologies and another cool project that exist on the DeSo blockchain. We are proud of the fact that we created a well-designed application for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency and earn some of their own.

What we learned

We learned how to authenticate users using Google Cloud. DeSo has a lot of cool and popular projects and we learned how to use their decentralized social to create users and earn coins. We also learned the process of creating NFTs along with the minting and ownership of the art.

What's next for BloogeCoin

We hope to continue to refine the UI since we spent most of our time creating the cryptocurrency and being able to earn after tasks are completed. We hope to continue to work on this project outside of the hackathon and incorporate more blockchain technologies.

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