I have a kidney problem for which I have always had to conduct blood tests regularly and every time I receive my results, I can not understand what all those medical terms mean, therefore I have to wait until I can have a chance to meet with my doctor to understand my results. That waiting duration used to be very stressful, but not any more due to the help of our new app, Bloody Test.

What it does

Use your phone to take a picture of your blood test results, and Bloody Test will tell you if you have any red flags (High/Low amounts of specific elements in your blood, etc.)

Uploading from Your Camera

How I built it

Bloody Test is running on Angular1.5 & AngularMaterial in terms of Front-end. OCR technology is courtesy of Google's super-awesome Cloud Vision APIs, and everything including our database is always kept in a JSON format, and immediately deleted after use. All fast and furious!


Challenges I ran into

Most of the challenges were caused by CORS (cross-origin resource sharing), which finally caused me to host the demo page on my own server where I can allow it all.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time using OCR, first time using photo uploading, and Base64 conversion! WHOOHOO

What I learned

In the past few days, during our research, I've learned a ton about the human blood, all of the different elements and materials found in there, and how to stay healthy.

I now know much more about servers, CORS, and data encoding.

What's next for Bloody Test

We have plans to advance this project further to develop and modify it for physicians all around the world to in order to make it easier for them to inform their patients regarding their lab test results. Private sharing of test results between doctor and patient.

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