We realized that when doctors look at your blood test data, they only look at the most recent results and inform patients if the levels are within normal limits. Doctors do not usually look at the trends in your blood test results over the years to inform patients about the rate of change in test levels and the possibility of the levels reaching abnormal status.

What it does

Our web app is simple to use because the users can enter their test result values that have accumulated from years of blood tests into our app which creates a graph of the values while showing the range of normal limits on the graph-and their data is not stored. Superficially, the user can see the trend on a line graph and judge for themselves how their results are changing over the years. However, our app can also notice upward or downward trends and predict how long it will take for the values to reach or exceed abnormal limits. Furthermore, if the user's lab results are indeed heading towards or already exceeding abnormal limits, our app will display information regarding their entry and to consult a medical doctor.

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