This idea came to me on my birthday, on my 18 birthday I decided to donate my blood.

I searched on the net for the nearby blood donation camps. It was very difficult to find one. And during my quest of a nearby camp, I came across an article on net. The article stated that half of the blood so donated goes waste, due to bad storage, and also it would be wiser and more helpful if we donate blood directly to a patient instead of donating on a camp.

Then I thought I should do something for this and came up with my app.

In this app, I designed the ui very user friendly. Now coming to the features of the app. This app will give users the to search for a patient urgently needing blood, search a nearby blood donation camp, enter his/her details to let others know that he/she is willing to donate blood, an organizer of a camp can enter the details of the camp to let others know that a camp is here and we can also track the quantity of blood available in a particular blood bank.

The key feature of this app is, the database of each category will interact with every other category. And the users will receive push notifications according to their need like any one having urgency of A+ blood will receive a push notification whenever someone with A+ blood will sign up for donation. The future plans for this app is that, I will build a website having features similar to that of app and which will interact directly with the app and will have a common database in cloud. It is in development phase and half of the app is completed.

My target audience is all the people like me who are willing to donate blood but for a worthwhile use, because "every blood drop is worth".

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