What it does

The Bloodhound Mask was developed to increase safety in consumer grade breathing masks. By using an array of sensors, we're able to measure the quality of the air the user is breathing while wearing the mask. If unsafe air is being breathed, a buzzer is set off to alert the user to evacuate the area as soon as possible, saving lives in the process.

Why would you need this?

When wearing a safety mask, you're not invulnerable to leaks, failures, or tears in the mask. Any of these detriments could lead to a very dangerous scenario almost immediately. These situations can include the workplace hazards, natural disasters, or general use.

The real world application of this project would result in a low cost, simple to use mask that would save lives and improve workplace safety.

How we built it

Our current model was built using an Arduino running C++, a carbon monoxide sensor, air particulate sensor, a buzzer, breadboard, a set of goggles, and a painters mask.

What was learned?

During the development process, we taught ourselves how to read, as well as understand data, being transmitted from multiple sensors at once. We had initially wanted to live transmit this data to our website,, but struggled in pushing live updates to our web client.

Future Plans

Future developments for the Bloodhound Mask include adding a wireless transmitter to transmit live data to a different device. Currently, we're able to collect data from the users environment, but look forward to using this data more in the future.




Built With

  • air-particulate-sensor
  • arduino
  • c++
  • carbon-monoxide-detector
  • dust-particle-sensor
  • love
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