Every 3 seconds someone needs blood. 1 out of every 10 people who enter hospitals as patients need blood. 4.5 million Americans would die each year without life saving blood transfusions. Even though transfusions are saving lives, many die because the needed blood type is not present at that moment and there is a delay in its arrival. Our application solves this problem and saves more lives. Blood4Good implements crowdsourcing, where users are either classified as donors or recipients. They enter their names, addresses and phone numbers into the app. When a recipient is in need of blood, they enter the app and receive locations of nearby donors. They can then contact the donors and set up a blood transfusion, which allows the blood to be brought in a timely manner and saves more people.

What it does

Our app provides a crowdsourcing platform where donors can display their blood type and compatibility for a blood transfusion to others in their community. Donors can sign in, enter their details, and save it in our database for potential transfusion recipients. The app also provides an interactive map for recipients to see where the donors are located.

How we built it

We built the web app using HTML, CSS, Firebase, Mapbox and a .TECH domain. We used HTML and CSS for our front-end and user interface, and Firebase and Firestore to store user data and host our web app. We used Mapbox to create an interactive map for transfusion recipients, using a process known as geocoding to turn addresses into points that can be found on a map.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult challenge we had was getting the geocoding to work, as this involved using an external API to request the conversion of the text address to coordinate pair.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making a fully functional web app that uses a database to store and protect data, hosting the website on .TECH for the world to see.

What we learned

We learned how to use geocoding to turn text addresses into coordinate points. We also learned how to integrate Firebase databases into HTML, CSS, and Javascript web apps.

What's next for Blood4Good

In the future, we would like to create more details that donors can enter to increase compatibility between donors and recipients.

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