Whether you get caught in traffic or you can't find a parking spot, transportation can be time consuming.

What it does

So we decided to create a smartphone app capable of accessing traffic and various other data provided by cities' apis and create a mobile application that finds nearby parking spots to facilitate parking finding, traffic data to avoid traffic jams and gives further options to the user if parking spots/traffic conditions are hectic in the area, such as metro, bus, bicycle and walking to the destination. We also want to give users suggestions about events in the area they are going/searching for parkings, updates on weather conditions which could affect traffic/parkings availabilities.

How we built it

We built it using Swift from Apple. The app gathers info about traffic in the chosen area. From the traffic info, it is able to tell how likely the user is going to find a parking spot and if there are any traffic jams. In order to give the user an even more accurate state on parking/road/traffic conditions, the app then loads a live camera view in a nearby intersection from the area. Thus the user is able to easily make a decision on wether he/she still wants to go there. If the traffic is heavy, we plan on giving the user alternative and prioritizing sustainable solutions such as biking paths, walking, etc. We also want to give the user the ability to visualize the nearby events/interesting locations.

Challenges we ran into

-Conflicts of interests -Sleep deprivation -Lack of data -Unclear data -Lack of up-to-date data -Re-engineering of our app mid-way through

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Efficient data gathering and processing (loading times, etc.) -Simple, sleek and efficient user interface -Extensive use of interactive maps -Sleeping the least amount possible throughout the weekend in order to code! -Finding solution to a major problem which made us lose a bit of momentum throughout the first night and morning after.

What we learned

-Prioritize the project over our personal interests. -Task management -Cooperation/Teamwork -divide to conquer

What's next for Blood, Sweat, and Beers

We would like to publish our app in order to help citizens of the world save time, money and patience. We would like to further perfect our application before the initial release and integrate income generating Ice cold beers and money in our pockets ;)

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