This application for monitoring blood pressure can store and analyze all your measurements. Allows you to view them on an interactive charts, analyze the automatically generated statistics blood pressure, check their blood pressure category, edit records, describe them, filter, or even send your blood pressure readings directly to the doctor!

Key features: 1) Very easy to use user interface. 2) You can track, edit, and update blood pressure following data: a) Tags - define short descriptions and use them repeatedly, b) Date and time of blood pressure measurement c) blood pressure - systolic, diastolic, pulse, weight d) a description of the blood pressure 3) support for multiple users. 4) Interactive charts that show trends of your blood pressure. 5) Statistics: pulse pressure, MAP - mean arterial pressure, and much more! 6) Export your data to: a) CSV b) XML c) Reports - all data collected in blood pressure in one file 7) Reminders - Do not forget to measure your blood pressure 8) Filters - endless possibilities in your hand. You decide which blood pressure data app will show, analyze or export! 9) Themes - choose the appearance of the application

Visit the support page with more detailed instructions (page translation is available in the lower right corner of the screen):

However, remember that you still need to have a blood pressure meter to read. In addition, this application is not a substitute for professional medical advice!

This easy to use and very fast application to monitor your blood pressure can help you cope with the problem of blood pressure!

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