We the team "Erudite" , through our @BloodFinderBot, wants to promote the spirit of blood donation in these times of need. We cannot imagine how a person will go from door to door of blood bank searching for the blood group for their dear ones. Working in line with Twitter principles of #health, #trust, #straightforward, #purpose, #fast, we have created a Bot to help the people in need.

What it does

Our Bot is unique, impressive, and creative in nature with different features. Once the user mentions @BloodFinderBot on their Twitter handle, our Bot searches for the blood and the blood bank as mentioned in the user's tweet. Our Bot tweet to the user, mentioning their Twitter handle, the address, and the contact number of the blood bank in their city where the desired blood group is available.

How I built it

We built it with our whole heart and dedication for the sole purpose of serving the people in need. We have designed the website with different tech stack like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, PHP7, MySQL, Jquery, Ajax. Our Bot @BloodFinderBot is made in Python with Twitter API’s on Google Colab and for web-scraping, we used BeautifulSoup, which is a library of Python. For deployment, we have used 000webhost and Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

It was our first time working with Twitter API's, and to be frank they were quite flexible and easy to go with if one thoroughly reads their documentation. Completing a fully functional website in this short span of time, as we are a team of three, and we had to finish tons of work like building the website, Twitter bot, and web scraper module in just three days, was also challenging. We have made a Bot on Python for the first time and we have learned a lot, all thanks to #Codechella.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as a team, are proud of the concept that we chose to work on. We are also proud of our website and the bot as it is one of the best works in such a short span of time.

What I learned

We have learned a lot during #Codechella. The spirit of teamwork, work coordination, and working on different skills with totally new people was amazing.

What's next for Blood Finder Bot

We plan to use Google Cloud Platform's Map API by which we can find the nearest hospital from the user's location and suggest the hospital according to it. We also want to connect our @BloodFinderBot with all the blood banks across India. We also wish that someday we can implement this project outside India as well.

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