I got inspiration from a whatsapp message where someone needed blood which was rare. So, this happens everywhere and someone loses their lives in lack of awareness and help. This is because everyone is not able to communicate and sometimes there is less contacts a person can have.So, Blood Care can help to save lives

What it does

This app helps to send a alert to every users nearby location. This will help needy to get blood donation instantly there is also 2 options.

  1. Urgent
  2. Mediate This will tell users that how much urgency is there for that particular type of blood. This will help them to donate the urgent one first. Also, to verify that it is true OTP verification is added so that it can be verified. Users can check daily covid-19 cases and deaths too. Users can update their weight,address, blood type and phone number by visiting the profile section. ## How I built it I used Kotlin and Android studio to built this app. For database I have used Firebase provided by google ## Challenges I ran into Challenge is time constrain. Limited time and created a whole app. Need to sleep sometimes because health would be affected effectively. Also, api didn't gave response sometimes. So, this are some challenges while making this app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to complete some main sections of the app. Also, blood bank in my Town has agreed to collab to reach everyone in the town and make this app public after building it whole.

What I learned

I learnt conditional navigation this was new for me first but now it has become easy!

What's next for Blood Care

  1. Adding broadcast alert to all users
  2. Covid Stats fixes
  3. Payment Gateway for donating funds and paying blood banks donors too
  4. Keeping health check of all users
  5. Adding blood bank support
  6. Hospital collaboration is pending too
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