Inspiration - I have always found some of the best parts of digital entertainment is the world that game or media exist in. Games like Dark Souls and and Skyrim offer gorgeous scenery and sometimes I like to stop playing the game just to admire what the designers have created.

What it does - It is a game designed to be a simple interactive experience where you are a victim who is dragged to their death. In the version I have built it allows you to observe the main perspective of what you will see throughout the game.

How I built it - I built the prototype using my knowledge of the Unreal 4 engine. I used free assets provided by Epic games.

Challenges I ran into- Some of the challenges I ran into where getting the player to interact with certain objects in the world. I attempted to have the character pick up or at least touch the object.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Im proud that I was able to get the perspective of the victim which was my overall goal. From there I proceeded to further enhance the design of the level. I began with a version one of the level that turned out to be too small. I then went back and redesigned it to be larger so that you would be able to see more of the environment your being dragged through.

What I learned - I learned how to create certain blueprints for characters to begin movement. I also begin to learn a lot of shortcuts and keys that will be extremely helpful in the future. I was able to learn how to merge objects together to create walls and a symmetrical design.

What's next for Cannibal Universe Game I would like to continue working towards interacting with the items on the on level. I would also like to work into adding a title screen with some menu options. Then incorporate some kind of dialog option between the the victim and the villain.

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