What it does

It takes in all the necessary parameters, like age, height, weight. Then you input the alcoholic drink that you consumed, at a specific time, the website will spit out a graph of your blood alcohol levels over time, superimposing all the drinks' contributions.

Social Benefits

A lot of univeristy students consume alcohol in social events, perhaps too much. We want them understand how the alcohol effects them and how it get metabolised in the body.

Why would you want to know your blood alcohol levels?

Knowing the blood alcohol level firstly allows you to monitor how "tipsy" you will feel, but moree importantly, seeing a graph, will help you to see how long the effects will last for

How we built it

Entirely python. The website was made with a python library using dash. Used research papers to help with the blood alcohol modelling.

Challenges we ran into

Only have a team of 3, of who did not know how to web development with JS. .The model used from the research paper below isn't perfect as the paper suggests that it takes a significantly long time for alcohol to clear the body: link

There are many different models for modelling blood alcohol levels in the body, we found it a challenging to pick something that was rigorous yet not too complex. Even the several constant values e.g blood alcohol elimination rate had a variety of values- sometimes different papers used odd units for such values- and understanding different research groups' practices were difficult.

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