Isolated in a hospital room, kids may often feel secluded from their friends, effects that may damage their psyche over time.

It's important that a child's emotional as well as physical needs are being met while they are bedridden. We identified the problems that should be solved:

  • Kids should be learn to articulate and think about their feelings
  • Loved ones and friends should know when kids have emotional needs that need to be met

What it does

Kids talk to Bloo, keeping an audio journal. When kids say something that indicates high levels of loneliness or sadness, a text will be sent to friends and family encouraging them to call the child to comfort them.

If excessing levels of sadness are found (perhaps suicidal), doctors or emergency workers will be contacted.

The child thus has a safe space to express themselves with the support of their friends.

How we built it

Our frotend Ionic app records audio and sends it to a Heroku/Flask backend.

The backend performs speech-to-text and performs sentiment analysis on the text using Google Cloud Platform. If a certain amount of negative sentiment is detected, the backend will use Twilio to send a text to loved ones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Bloo

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