As two women living in a digital age amidst the pandemic, we have had the unfortunate luck of having to witness the crimes that are occurring against the women, men and non-binary folks today on social media platforms. Now these crimes range from vulgar comments under a post to something as grave as rape threats and real privacy invasion. We aren't safe even within the four walls of our own home. Our inspiration stems from this issue. We wanted to create a safer space for everyone and wanted to show them that these criminals will not walk scot free.

What it does

Blonked! is a website that has been created to bridge the gap between a victim of cyber crime and the justice that they deserve. There are lots of people that do not know about the systems that are in place which could potentially help them to achieve justice and bring the perpetrators to test. We provide our users with this information and give them the additional confidence to take a step forward and to take a stand against their abusers. We do not simply provide information, we also save them time and energy of finding the right resources and direct them to the right people and even send emails on their behalf to the concerned authorities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One thing that we are both proud of is that, we were able to create our entire project from scratch in just 48 hours and are really proud of the cause we are standing for.

What's next for Blonked!

We are definitely looking forward to developing Blonked! in a more larger scale by roping in volunteers and taking feedback from real social media users who have been facing these issues on a daily basis. We expect to perfect our code and bring in more features and hope to enhance its overall usability.

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