Blondies Killing Zombies is a 2D physics motorcycle game not unlike "Stick Stunt Biker" or "Moto X Mayhem". Where it differs from these popular games is with its unique control scheme, dynamic track elements, built-in track editor, enhanced Kii integration and post-apocalyptic setting.

The game currently has 3 unique settings (a city, an amusement park and a space station) with more on the way. This version is a ground-up rewrite using Unity and Kii to replace the XNA and Twitter Windows Phone version (which currently has approximately 200k downloads and 4.5 star rating).

The game includes an in-game track editor and uses the Kii SDK to enable sharing and rating of custom tracks. It also uses Kii to allow the player to receive a global ranking for their score on each completed track.

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