I wanted a more intuitive way to build websites, since a lot of the building is taking visuals and spending hours breaking them down into code. So I built this app hoping to tackle that.

The way my app does this is by taking simple images of web layouts, analyzing them with computer vision libraries, and turning them into HTML.

I used Python and OpenCV for image analyzation and processing

The most difficult part of this project was extracting the right information from the live camera feed and truncating it.

However, it all came together once I focused on one stabilized image.

All in all, I feel this project could be used in a number of industries, for example:

  • graphic design to cut down on production times
  • mass webpage reproduction or generation
  • content filtering systems for companies with large databases of website templates

In the future, I'm hoping to improve this project with more refined image data analyzation, especially when it comes to filtering the live camera, and having industry-standard file structure.


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