Learn something new everyday. Until 4 days back i did not know what android studio was ,but have gained a good amount of knowledge. This microblogging tool was mainly built for the reason that literally any body with a mobile device can start sharing content,which is helpful for the society.

What it does

It first has a sign i page and then goes to the homescreen where there is an option to create a blog and couple of the week's top blogs(unfortunately my android studio started crashing in the last minute not sure whether it was implemented).It also has a fancy drawer which slides when pressed on top left corner with various tabs and when clicked on a specific tab also displays a pop-up showing which tab is selected.

How I built it

I built using android studio(java) designing a basic drawer using the empty activity.

Challenges I ran into

Learning android studio which i did only 4 days back, and tackling all the beginner errors with optimism. Last but not least just a few minutes back my android studio crashed so not sure how the app has turned out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning part was amazing, gave me a sense of joyy!

What I learned

How to build something interactive and useful,and not to give up with any bug or error that comes in the way

What's next for BlogITUrs4lf

I will leave the suspense with you

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