I always look for blogs of people who will inspire me but I found it very difficult to find one. There are a lot of good writers, experienced people who waits to share their ideas but don't find the best way to do it. Through Bloggy I look for a way to collect all the blogs and put them in one place so you can choose a blog you love and follow it daily. Bogs are the best way to learn quickly and these blogs can help a lot, people that have experience in a specific field can give their opinion and advice to the young generation so they don't do the same mistakes and improve more because the best way to improve is learning from the past mistakes but what if you don't need to make those mistakes and just learn from other people's past mistakes? That would be the best way to have a life you love and become that person you admire so much. Bloggy is more than only blogs, Bloggy is a way to achieve your dreams.

What it does

Lots of people want to learn about how to improve everyday and they look for successful people who can give them suggestions and advice, people who wants to see the daily life of other people or learn something new quickly and daily. Bloggy helps this people find a blog written by people for people that they love and learn from. Bloggy also gives those busy people a way to learn great things from small pieces of writing. We have polls every week to see which are the best blogs, the ones from which you learnt most, the ones you loved so you don't lose time searching for the best choice. Bloggy doesn’t only have blogs about successful people from which you can learn but it also has a lot of interesting blogs about daily life. You can write anonymous articles if you want and tell your story to the world so they can learn from it or give you advice. In this way, the next time they face a dangerous situation like being nervous before a presentation, they can learn from our blogs how to overcome it. Not only small things but big problems too. If you want to get your career to the next level just search it in Bloggy and people that are in the same situation as you will give you advice, inspire and motivate you through their blogs.

How we built it

Made the design with figma and coding in Qoom.

Challenges we ran into

I'm not that familiar with CSS so I spent a lot of time designing the website. Even if I have some experience with these languages, I'm not that familiar with them so I had problems to figure out some things. I wasn't able to do the quiz option with code and I wasn't able to do all the website with the time given. I didn't have enough knowledge to complete the demo so I was only able to complete the UI and the home page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

completing the idea and design and getting to learn how to use Qoom and Figma.

What we learned

As I spent too much time designing and thinking of the idea I learned how to manage the time even if I didn't manage it well this time and didn't have enough time to develop the code of Bloggy.

What's next for Bloggy

     -- Comment section in which people can discuss about the blog topic and let reviews of the blog.
     -- Add a rating section that complies star ratings and creates and average rating on a 5 scale and use it to recommend blogs to other people and new users.
     -- A writer section to share your own ideas through your writing and become a part of the Bloggyes creators.
   --Translate the blogs in different languages by other readers or google translator.
   --Along with the quiz, you will be able to save the blogs you liked and keep them in track through a subscription.

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