Practice with RSPEC and Capybara


  1. Setup rspec by adding the gem.
  2. rails g rspec:install Installs rspec and spec folders.
  3. rails g controller articles index generates controller with index.html and adds a test and controller for articles within spec folder.

Important Links

Small Issues with Rails 5 and RSpec, Capybara. April 22, 2016

  • For error: email already taken run bundle exec rails db:test:prepare cleans the db so you can run your tests again without them failing.
  • For error: nomethoderror for expect(response).to render_template... for running tests in your controller specs. Install gem 'rails-controller-testing' and go into your rails_helper.rb and write the following code RSpec.configure do |config| config.include Rails::Controller::Testing::TestProcess config.include Rails::Controller::Testing::TemplateAssertions config.include Rails::Controller::Testing::Integration end This will allow controller testing within your rails 5 project without erroring out. Refer to the Github
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