Neither of us has ever made a personal webpage or blog, so this was a great opportunity to get started on our portfolio sites and set up a running blog to document our fellowship experiences: all while learning about git and Flask!

What it does

This is a joint blog and portfolio site between Michelle and Emily where we can create blogs about our experience with the MLH Fellowship, as well as link to our personal pages. Some features we were able to implement:

  • The blog posts are displayed in chronological order
  • Anyone with the ~secret passcode~ can log in and write posts to our blog!
  • As of now, only members of the Reliable Rhinos pod can provide their email to get the passcode emailed to them in order to log in and publish blog posts
  • Logged in users will be able to write posts that they can choose to draft and come back to or publish to the blog
  • Editor uses markdown and supports syntax highlighting and rich content embedding
  • On the top banner, you will see links that can lead to each of our personal pages where you can learn more about us

How we built it

Peewee offered an amazing, lightweight option to store our blog posts, and had great documentation that took us through how to set one up for our blog!

  • Flask, HTML (Jinja), CSS (Sass)
  • SQLite Peewee database for storing and querying our blog posts
  • pygments to support syntax highlighting
  • micawber to support Youtube video and other rich content embedding
  • markdown to allow for greater creativity with blog posts

Challenges we ran into

  • It was Emily's first time using Flask, HTML, CSS, and working with databases, so there was a lot of learn.
  • Michelle did not have much experience with SQLite, Peewee, or git, so it was a learning experience for her!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We got a working blog with some very basic authentication that could potentially allow our podmates a place to post about their experiences!
  • We both got a working portfolio page, though not complete, that we hope to add on to throughout the fellowship!

What we learned

  • How to use Flask, HTML, and CSS
  • Setting up the SQLite and Peewee database

What's next for Blog-Planet

  • Populating it with our achievements and milestones along our MLH Fellowship journey!
  • Deploying it so it's more accessible
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