We are part of an organization called Intervarsity at UTD that is notoriously bad at communicating events to all the members, especially when they are relatively spontaneous.

What it does

We hope to solve some of those communication problems by allowing students to post "happenings", which are relatively spontaneous group events, that the app will allow other students to join and provides the where & when & who details as well as organizing carpools, or "events" into a calendar for the club/org that lists the different events planned out for the future in a simplistic, direct way.

Challenges I ran into

learning android studio, connecting to a shared server for the org

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

designing our tree of classes, connecting arrays of elements to the information stored

What I learned

understanding .xml files and how they work with .java files

What's next for Blodge

we still need to develop the user profiles, shared server, and information storage as well as bring functionality to the elements we've begun writing already

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