docusign is a digital document signature and notarization service which fundamentally relies on trust. it is costly, complicated, and centralized! Digital Document signatures is a $1B business:

blocusign is a simple decentralized merkle-proven identity-attested non-fungible immutable cryptographically-signed interplanetarily-archived digital-notarization-and-document-signature-as-a-service protocol on the blockchain!

Two parties: Alice wants Bob to sign a document

Alice creates a Document by uploading a document to IPFS with our dApp. The dApp creates a NFT with the cryptographic hash of the document, a signature state (currently unsigned), Bob's address (now only Bob could possibly sign this document), and Alice's address (Bob can prove Alice issued the Document).

Alice now gets a link which she can send Bob. Bob can review the document, and at his leisure, sign the Document.

When Bob is ready, he can sign the Document, which timestamps it by merit of the block height, and associates his consent for this immutable document on chain.

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