What it does

The core of our application, the BlockWork smart contract, allows for the creation of work requests, the submission of finished products, and an arbitration stage where any disagreements between the freelancer and requester can be resolved by a previously-agreed-upon arbiter.

Sponsor APIs used

We used the POA network as the main chain for our app.

How we built it

We developed the smart contract locally with Ganache, and eventually with Remix on the POA network. The mobile arbiter app was built with React Native, and the creator web UI was created with React.


We were inspired by Upwork, which acts as a centralized coordinator for freelance work, and the Ethereum blockchain, which in its simplest applications can provide a decentralized escrow service. We wanted to combine these into a system allowing freelancers to do work with strangers in a decentralized fashion.

Built With

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