Decentralised storytelling utilising blockchain technology. Available at


Storytelling is the world's oldest medium for culture and entertainment. The distributed app blocktales gives communities the power to tell their own collective story through the power of blockchain and decentralised decision-making.

How it Works

blocktales allows users to write stories together on a completely decentralised platform.

When a user submits a suggestion for the next word in a story, they begin mining for their word on the blocktales blockchain (subject to gentle guidance through natural language processing and grammar checking). Users compete with their computing power and mining capacity to have their words added to the ledger (the story). The first user to successfully mine their word is able to add their word to the story and the cycle begins again with a new ledger.

More popular words are more likely to be added next, and you can see what others are thinking, creating a truly crowd-driven experience.



To solve the unique challenges we faced, we developed our own decentralised blockchain system utilising a peer to peer JavaScript library.


The blocktales system is designed to be fully decentralised. Users can choose to compete against existing solutions or cooperate by contributing their computing power towards mining existing suggestions.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is used to verify whether words are correct, both on the client side and within the blockchain verification system. This protects stories against inconsistent grammar and offensive language.


blocktales was developed for IC Hack 19 by

  • Ivan Kapelyukh (ivan-kapelyukh)
  • Zak Cutner (zakcutner)
  • Pablo Gamito (PabiGamito)
  • Alex Nielsen (hitecherik)
  • Alistair Robinson (AlistairRobinson)
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