The inspiration for Blockstreet was a recognition that block chain technology has the potential to drastically impact people's lives; however the means for learning how to develop block chain technology was lacking. Educational resources are scattered, therefore making the process of learning Solidity and deploying a working DApp difficult to understand. We believe that by lowering the barriers to entry into block chain development we are opening the flood gates to new developers and new ideas. The more vibrant and expansive the community, the greater impact the technology may eventually have on the world. We need the education infrastructure to support block chain developers and we want to build it.

What it does

Blockstreet has a number of different features. Our tutorial service will bring you from no Solidity experience to deploying a real smart contract to the testnet. We provide fundamental concepts and allow the user to develop and learn in our embedded development environment. Users will write Solidity and JavaScript and test it against unit tests. We will walk them through the process of connecting to the testnet and obtaining test ether. Users will then deploy the contract that THEY have written. Finally upon completion of our tutorial they will have the opportunity to download a styled React DApp that uses their source code that they wrote during the tutorial. This is an important launching pad for new users to take the source code they have written and expand upon it.

How we built it

Blockstreet was built using Solidity, JavaScript, React, Web3.js, Node.js, Truffle as well as other technologies. The special sauce to our technology is that we use an external API to execute the users code against test cases. This allows users to develop in their own style and interactively learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the comprehensive learning experience we were able to build. We believe that our product can already compete as a learning service against other competitors in the market. Users will be able to use one service to understand the entire process, they will be challenged and given freedom to learn along the way and they will be rewarded with a DApp that culminates their journey.

What's next for Blockstreet

Blockstreet will continue to expand its tutorials, ranging from beginner to expert. Each tutorial will a narrative and seek to engage the user in different ways. We plan to also create interactive tutorials using industry standard libraries or protocols such as OpenZepplin or ERC20. We also plan on expanding outside of the tutorial market and providing developer tools. Developers will be able to use our development environment to write contracts, unit test those contracts, write their own unit tests and download React DApp's with autogenerated UI interfaces using their contracts as templates. The future is bright and we plan on being an important step in bringing more developers into the community.

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