Take a look at the README of the project to see more information about it. Get the latest APK https://github.com/pradel/blockstack-wallet/releases - assets section of the release.


The aim of the project is to enable people to use the Stacks blockchain easily and without a strong technical knowledge. All the interactions should be able to be done via an easy to use and nice looking interface without compromising on security.

What it does

  • Generate a new private key
  • Send an receive Stacks
  • List the transactions and display current balance
  • Stacking dashboard
  • Stake Stacks
  • View the price of the Stacks token
  • On testnet receive tokens from the faucet
  • The private keys are stored securely in the "secure hardware enclave" of the device and can be accessed using FaceId or TouchId only
  • Beautiful UI
  • Light / dark mode

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to create the first mobile wallet for blockstack 🎉. It was a lot of work, but I was surprised by the development going pretty smoothly. There is still a lot of work needed to make it the best experience possible, but I am really happy with what I did for this release.

How I built it

  • react-native- framework
  • react-native-paper - UI components
  • react-navigation - routing
  • expo - native modules
  • typescript
  • blockstack SDK

What's next for blockstack-wallet

  • Push notifications for operations related to this wallet
  • Native integration of some apps via smart contract
  • Delegated stacking

Built With

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