Blockstack Casino

A blockchain roulette casino game.

Using a mixture of javascript animations and blockchain frameworks, blockstack casino is a roulette game that saves and records your game history on blockstack distributed data storage. Each time a balance or hi-score is updated, the data gets posted back to the underlying blockchain.

You'll need to authenticate with a blockstack account, an open-source blockchain framework for building decentralized apps and smart contracts, in order to track your score.

Try it out!

Code is open source and available here:

Running Blockstack Casino locally

Clone the project

  1. Update manifest.json start_url to localhost:8080
  2. yarn
  3. yarn start

The web app should now be available on localhost:8080/index.html

Future work

  • Support tracking crypto balances and enable betting with real cryptocurrency
  • Enable global high scores and leaderboards
  • Extend into other game categories.
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