So the idea of building such a project came from the fact that how ruthless we humans are in consuming the resources provided to us by nature. One such important resource is water.

Water is being wasted and polluted so much, that it is happening at a rate that we never imagined. So we decided to build a project which monitors the water consumption, the cleanliness of the water being thrown out, etc. and charges accordingly.

And guess what?\ It record all this data on a blockchain, so it never alters once recorded!

What it does?

The project basically does the following things:

  • Take input from the camera, set on the flow of the water.
  • Analyze the flow rate of water in cubic pixels/sec and measure the volume consumed.
  • Accordingly measure the Performance Index, Flow Credits, etc.
  • Record all these value onto the blockchain so it's immutable.
  • Prevent any kind of tampering by water industries and monitor the water in efficient way and hence motivate them to follow the best practice and conserve water.
  • Based on the consumption, the credit will be distributed to the consumers, which will motivate and help them consume the water resources in efficient and non-destructing manner.

How we built it

The main function of real world observation is implemented through OpenCV using a camera. The blockchain is completely built using Python.

This is how it works:

  • => Add the path for cropped images of fresh water and waste water
  • => Necessary functions to execute water quality and flow rate

  • => File to start mining block

  • => V0 of

  • => Press R to print selectedROI (while running the program) and some other variables code has all the explanation for the same

Challenges we ran into

Major challenges we faced:

  • Reading the real world data i.e. hardware -> software
  • Writing the data to the blockchain accordingly by averaging out values.
  • Attempts to implement NEAR API :-(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the implementation that we did for writing the data from the hardware to the blockchain directly

What we learned

  • The major learning from this project is the blockchain aspect of it. Not only did we learn about blockchain itself as a whole, but we also learned how a singular blockchain can seamlessly integrate with the hardware and software as required.

What's next for BlockSquid

Further we would like to add more features such as an administrative dashboard, cost calculation and further improve the throughput calculation.


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