At CMU, the meal plans have a "block system," where a block is a meal. However, these blocks expire every 2 weeks, leading to many students having unused blocks. These blocks could be put to better use by selling them to fellow classmates.

What it does

Our app lets Freshmen sell their extra blocks and dinex so they don't go to waste. Upperclassmen get cheaper food.

How we built it

We used nodejs and iOS to build this app.

Challenges we ran into

Messenger doesn't allow deeplinks so we had to have a clever trick for chat.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building this app.

What we learned

Building things is hard.

What's next for BlockShop

Release on the app store.

Student Senate’s Social Impact Prize (“Best hack that improves CMU student life”) APT’s Social Impact Prize (“Best use of data to achieve a positive impact on the community”) BNY Mellon (“Investment/finance focused, creative and has a meaningful impact on people’s lives”) Google’s Social Impact Prize (“Most likely to make tangible and lasting change”)

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