The Opioid epidemic is destroying many parts of this nation. In an attempt to address this public health crisis, state and local governments are imposing new regulations on how many prescription opioids a doctor can prescribe to prevent over prescription. To add onto that, there is the over prescription of antibiotics and that leads to superbugs and bacterial resistance.

What it does

This app is built into multiple sections. Part 1: The doctor can prescribe an Rx drug to their patent through our windows application and once they press send, the prescription asset is created and then issued to the patient. Part 2: The patient is alerted that they received a prescription via Facebook Messenger and are given options on the local pharmacies that are available to send their prescription to. They tap send on their desired pharmacy and the prescription asset is sent to the pharmacy to be fulfilled. Part 3: The pharmacy receives the prescription asset into their wallet and then they can fulfill the prescription after verifying the cryptographic signature of the patient. The asset is then retired so it can't be re-prescribed.

How we built it

We built it using Visual Studio for the windows forms, chatfuel for the chat bot, and NodeJS as the backend connected to Chain Core.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Chain Core to work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting Chain Core to work

What I learned

How to get Chain Core to work

What's next for BlockScrypts

To the moon!

Built With

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