An article by Tim Urban explores the idea of representing ten minute periods with blocks, so that one's day to day tasks can be visualized and further organized using this concept of ten-minute blocks

What it does

Allows you select a certain amount of time which is converted in to blocks that acts as a timer where each block lasts for a duration of 10 mins

How we built it

Using Meteor.js

Challenges we ran into

At first, our plan was to make an iOS app. However, that plan fell apart due to the difficulty of the program XCode as well as the language Swift. So, we attempted to use a another tool called Meteor.js, which worked successfully at the end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the animation of dissapearing block to work in accordance with the timer function.

What we learned

The functionality of Meteor.js

What's next for Blocks

An iOS version of the app.

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