Blocks of Passion Protocol started as a idea for a Non-Profit Organization to support blockchain development education for entry level web3 developers and minority youths around the globe . Money Hoarders Global Network will develop BOPP on Moonbeam Network and use its cross-chain interoperability to provide liquidity to "The Culture Chain" the flagship standalone blockchain in the MHG ecosystem and any others who utilize the protocol. The protocol will peg its token value to "GLMR" by creating a locked liquidity pool. The protocol will also develop a "GLMR" burn routine as a common good to Moonbeam Network.

What it does

The "BOP" token will be a erc20 on Moonbeam and serve as the protocol governance token and allow holders to vote on future advancement of the protocol. Holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn interest in the form of new "BOP" tokens. Blocks of Passion protocol will also develop a cross-chain NFT play to earn platform and Defi Yield Farming Platform. "BOP" token will live on Moonbeam but be a medium of exchange for multiple XC-20 assets. "The Culture Chain" will eventually be the defi metaverse trading hub of MHG Network so once "The Culture Chain's" mainnet is live asset traffic from the ecosystem as a whole will be directed there.

How we built it

Using Connect Contracts Truffle Suite

Challenges we ran into

Researching XCM and XC-20s

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Money Hoarders Global Network is currently working on 2 blockchain implementations using Substrate Frame. Blocks of Passion Protocol will play a major role in the growth of these chains. Vodun Protocol will be the first live chain of MHG Network and Moonbeam has allowed for a better testing environment for cross-chain interoperability so BOPP has found its home on the Moonbeam Network.

What we learned

What's next for Blocks of Passion Protocol

The now & future mission for B.O.P.P is to help grow the multi-chain universe through education and innovation.

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