Give users with or without musical knowledge the possibility to make music.

What it does

The hack takes a Roli Block and creates a simple but intuitive musical instrument that adapts to the user's choice of music. For the adaptations, the system takes an automatically extracted transcription (key, tempo, melody, beats) of a song and creates a 2x4 keyboard (8 keys) and places in these keys sounds that go well with the song according to the main melody and key obtained. All the notes assigned to the 2x4 keys can be played reasonably safely within an improvisation along the main song, as the notes are chosen according to the extracted key of the song. To extract the transcription information we used the Fraunhofer IDMT API..

Besides the 8 keys available to play music,the tempo of the song is shown on the top of the Block with a tempo marker. The tempo was also extracted using the Fraunhofer API. The main melody of the song can also be played by following a green marker that shows the user the key sequence and the note duration necessaries to play the main melody. The original audio track can be played on the background by touching the interface outside the keyboard.

How we built it

Using Blocks Dashboard, littlefoot and a Roli block. For the transcription, the Fraunhofer IDMT API was used. Developed under Windows.

Challenges we ran into

Problems with running code under Windows with Juce and MIDI handling.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There is light and sound coming out of it!

What we learned

How flexible the ROli blocks are. To work with littlefoot.

What's next for Blocks

Get the transcription annotations into the block by calling the transcriber and parsing the annotations directly into the block. Work with more connected blocks.

Built With

  • littlefoot
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