'Blocks' is an Android VR Game where you try to dodge blocks as you hurtle towards them in style. When we first tried out the Google Cardboard, we were astonished at how well a mobile phone could run a VR environment. It was love at first sight; there was no way we were going to program for something other than this awesome $7 piece of hardware. After hours of brainstorming, what we were left with was the concept of 'Blocks'.

We are most proud of our highly advanced graphical user interface, our intricate level generation algorithm, and our stunning 3D models. We believe that this level of quality will draw the attention of only the most elite of beings on this earth. Jokes aside, all we want is for our game to...WIN FIRST PRIZ-I mean uh, bring joy to the world. We hope this game will show off the Google Cardboard's potential for endless fun and beyond. Enjoy! 

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