Viewer-Empowered Minecraft

Twitch is all about viewer interaction with the streamer and with extensions enabling a whole new level of interaction, we decided to take one of the most community-driven games and bring it to a whole new level by giving power to the viewers right from inside the stream, without even owning the game. And most of all, we wanted a seamless and easy setup process for the streamer, no downloads or plugins/mods to install.


With BlockParty, your viewers can use gems to select a player logged into the server and activate an action from spawning a bunny to repairing equipment or even changing the weather. BlockParty easily and directly connects to your Minecraft server without any additional mods or downloads! (Currently requires Forge Essentials 1.12.2)

To get more gems, your viewers can exchange bits in your channel or you the streamer can reward them through the configuration page.


The BlockParty Twitch Extension was built using the Twitch ComfyKit with HTML/CSS/Javascript and its backend was built using NodeJS. It was designed specially to look like it belongs with the Minecraft game and style, and fits well as both a Panel extension below the stream or on top of the video as a Component.

BlockParty's Future

We would like to continue updating and upgrading BlockParty with the feedback of streamers, to add more variety of actions and to allow each channel to select any subset of the available actions via the configuration page. Additionally, we plan to add mobile support for the extension for viewers on the Twitch mobile app to also be able to join the fun.

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