The five of us coming from a bank background understood the need to streamline and simplify while not sacrificing efficiency and user friendliness. Add a dash of fun and something everyone looks forward to in their lives and we landed on BlockParty.

What it does

A P2P system using the security, immutability, and functionality of Blockchain. The partnership of a front-end app enables users to simplify what makes event planning complex and time consuming.

How I built it

On the Business track we worked out the mechanics of how BlockParty would be built, the parts of blockchain technology we could tap into and the economics and financials.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was coming up with our concept. We brainstormed, side tracked, dug into one idea conceptually, pivoted and landed on another idea that all 5 of us were excited about.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of starting off with limited knowledge about blockchain and in three short days have a fully flushed out proposal of something pretty awesome.

What I learned

Is everything too much? we learned about blockchain. Various block chain programs, programming, systems, current trends, capabilities.

What's next for BlockParty

Continue to have conversations about the programming side, and interest in partnerships to bring it to fruition.

Built With

  • wyre-ens
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